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How They Voted

Updated: Mar 12

One in a Series

'How They Voted' will be a new series looking at how Alabama elected officials voted on key issues.

Up first: How Alabama US House Representatives voted on H.Res.1061 and Alabama US Senators voted on H.R. 4366 (Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024), funding legislation that averted a federal government shutdown.

The US House vote took place on March 6th.

Rep Barry Moore put out a Press Release stating: "Today, Rep. Barry Moore opposed a 1,050-page, $460 billion minibus monstrosity" and shared the reasons for his vote. In a 'tweet', Moore added "Today, we are voting on a #SwampOmnibus that sends $12.6 BILLION of your hard-earned tax dollars to fund special projects... while we are $34 trillion in debt. I am a NO."

Rep Gary Palmer did not issue a Press Release on his US House webpage, but did post a series of three 'tweets' regarding his vote stating "Voting on two different days does not change the fact that Congress is considering the first half of an omnibus. Congress has repeatedly ignored the debt crisis..."

Republican US House members Jerry Carl, Mike Rogers, Robert Aderholt and Dale Strong voted "yea" for the bill as did Democrat Terri Sewell. No Press Releases or 'tweets' could be found for representatives Mike Rogers or Robert Aderholt regarding their votes.

Rep Dale Strong appeared to offer a different view than colleagues Moore and Palmer in a March 6th "tweet" photo stating "For the first time in a decade, there is a plan to cut funding to dozens of federal departments including those tasked with implementing President Biden's radical agenda..."

While Rep Jerry Carl did not issue a Press Release on his US House webpage, on March 6th, Carl did 'tweet' a photo statement "Today, I secured $30 million in funding for Alabama's First District... the first cut to non-defense spending in nearly ten years."

Democrat Rep Terri Sewell's office issued a Press Release which stated that $9.8 million was "secured for 11 community projects" for Alabama's 7th Congressional District.

On March 8th, Senator Katie Britt voted 'yea' and Senator Tommy Tuberville vote "nay' in the US Senate.

Senator Britt provided a Press Release on her US Senate webpage stating the "bill directly appropriates more than $786 million for critical Alabama priorities, of which, more than $232 million was secured by Senator Britt."

No Press Release was found on Senator Tuberville's US Senate webpage, nor was a "tweet' found regarding his vote.

Correction: Jerry Carl March 6th "tweet' added.


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