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The News Behind the News.


Established state level online news outlets in Alabama frequently omit important information in their news articles, and in some cases don't even report on important news. These were primary factors in the birth of the Alabama Free Press .com.


At times, two of these media outlets provide "left" leaning reporting that some might suggest sounds more like propaganda than news. Their readers might be better served if some of their news stories were labeled opinion pieces.


Another online state publication on the "right" regularly omits key news that may reflect negatively on establishment Republican office holders and candidates. Omission of key information reduces any "news" organization's credibility.

Often stories regarding how technology affects the people of Alabama are completely ignored by all of these media outlets. The Alabama Free Press .com will cover these stories.

The goal of the Alabama Free Press .com is to provide more in depth looks about key news stories that impact Alabamians, while asking tough questions that other media outlets do not ask.


The Alabama Free Press .com will not be a daily news source. How well the established online state media outlets are covering the news will dictate what is written, and when. There will be a focus on what the other media outlets are not covering, or not saying, when that news happens.

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