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What To Expect From Alabama U.S. Senator Katie Britt

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

You Can't Serve Two Masters

First, let’s get this out of the way - the General Election will have no bearing on who becomes Alabama’s next U.S. Senator.

Will Katie Britt be a Donald Trump "America First" U.S. Senator or a disciple of Mitch McConnell and the Washington DC establishment?

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell and DC insider Super PACs poured millions of dollars into helping Katie Britt win the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator in Alabama. Do you think that support came with no strings attached?

After Katie Britt made it to the Primary runoff with an impressive 45% of the vote, Donald Trump endorsed her during the runoff. Obviously, Trump was just looking for a "win".

Since leaving office, Donald Trump has been a frequent critic of Senator Mitch McConnell. One of Trump's criticisms was over McConnell's support of the infrastructure bill passed in 2021.

Based on Britt's campaign comments, one might assume she plans to serve three masters. is just not sure who the conservative leader is that Britt plans to follow. She has repeated over and over that she is a conservative, despite no credentials to support those comments, and no endorsements from well established conservatives in DC. The conservative endorsements went to Mo Brooks.

Senator Richard Shelby has often been praised in Alabama for bringing home his fair share of pork barrel money. That is true. What is also true is that despite Shelby introducing a Balanced Budget Amendment 18 times during his 35 years in Washington DC, the national Debt grew from $2.3 trillion to $30.4 trillion. Britt has stated that she would introduce a balanced budget amendment.

During the campaign, Britt stated that "my opponent has been on the ballot for 40 years". Maybe those interviewing her should have asked "do you plan to be on the ballot for 40 years"?

On her campaign website, Britt expresses concern about Big Tech censorship. Her concern about Big Tech appears to be limited to that one issue. Across the state line, conservative Tennessee U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn has introduced multiple pieces of legislation taking on other abuses by Big Tech. Her latest is the "Kids Online Safety Act" which would help protect minors from being exploited by Big Tech companies. predicts that Katie Britt will:

  • Regularly introduce, or co-sponsor, a Balance Budget Amendment that she knows will NEVER pass, then vote for more and more national debt

  • NEVER commit to Term Limits

  • NEVER take on special interest groups in Washington DC as that is where a lot of her Super PAC money came from during the Primary

  • NEVER see a Defense Budget that is too big

  • NEVER take on the abuses by Big Tech (other than for censorship)

  • Follow the leadership of Mitch McConnell while trying not to alienate Donald Trump, as the latter does not hand out committee assignments

Senator Katie Britt can prove wrong through her actions, not her words.

You can't serve two masters.


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