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The Briefing Room is Back

January 1, 2023

On November 17th, the Briefing Room shared information about the connections between cryptocurrency firm FTX and Senator-elect Katie Britt. Since that reporting, it appears that only one other state-wide media outlet has reported some of the story. mentioned the $105,000 FTX contribution to the Alabama Conservatives Fund PAC, which supported only Katie Britt with their funds. buried this information about Britt and FTX at the bottom of a story about Senator Tuberville. Since they did not report on the contribution of $5,000 made directly to Britt for Alabama Inc, in June, 2022, they could not ask if Britt intended to return that contribution.

At least made some effort to report on it. Good luck finding any of the info on,, or In 2023, will continue to report information important to Alabamians that the other state-wide media outlets are leaving off of their sites.

If you have not read the November 17th Briefing Room, you can read it here. Also, check out the Big Tech Roundup posted today that discusses Big Tech legislation and the TikTok scandal.

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