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The Alabama U.S. Senate Race: More on PACs and Donations

  • Katie Britt has far outpaced Brooks in donations from larger donors (those donating $500, $1000, or over $2,000), while Mo Brooks has garnered a lot of financial support from small donors (less than $200). At the end of May, the Federal Elections Commission website showed Mo Brooks had received contributions of $741,828 that were $200 or less, compared to $202,724 for Britt. At the same time, Britt had received over $4.8 million to about $1.3 million for Brook in donations of $2,000 or more.

  • A recent addition to the Political Action Committees (PAC) promoting Katie Britt in Alabama is American Dream Federal Action, which operates as a Canary Committee PAC. But what you won't find on their website is that it was formed by Ryan Salame, Co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets, a Bahamas subsidiary of FTX. Salame kicked off the PAC with a $4 million contribution. Interesting that he waited until Britt got into the runoff before contributing. Could he be trying to buy future access?

For more information on Super PACs and the Alabama U.S. Senate race, go here.


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