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Briefing Room

Updated: Feb 18

Change of Plans began as a result of the omission of important information by the established, statewide online media outlets. Unfortunately, that continues today.

While AFP will continue to occasionally write about important "news" that is not being discussed via these outlets, the focus for 2024 will be providing that information via X (Twitter). Elon Musk has made the changes to (Twitter) X that promote free speech in a format that allows quick access to important information.

Feel free to review older articles where you will find information that these media outlets did not mention ... or mentioned months later. One example of this was the 2022 donation by an FTX executive directly to the Katie Britt campaign. That information can be found here Briefing Room and here The Alabama U.S. Senate Race: More on PACs and Donations. To date, it appears this was only mentioned once by one statewide media outlet. You'll find more information about this from AFP on (Twitter) X. See you there!


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