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Updated: Jun 26, 2022



Why are Alabamians accepting the performance of K-12 education in our state? Alabama schools have only gotten worse on Key Ivey's watch. All other Deep South states except Louisiana rank higher than Alabama. Yes, even Mississippi ranks higher than Alabama. So much for “Thank God for Mississippi”. Now the people in Mississippi are saying "Thank God for Alabama". This is a disgrace and if you vote for Kay Ivey, you are participating in keeping Alabama's children at the bottom.

According to, Alabama ranked 45th in their state rankings that were published in 2021. Their most recent 2022 rankings had Alabama dropping to 47th. According to, Alabama ranked 46th in the nation for 4th grade math scores in 2017 and dropped to last in the country in 2019. In those same years, Alabama 8th grade math scores were 49th in the country, dropping to 50th two years later. Folks, that is moving in the wrong direction. Is this what you want for your kids? Alabama can do better.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in 2020, Alabama ranked 7th worst in the country in number of deaths per 100,000 in population. It has been five years since Kay Ivey took office and Alabama is still short on the number of Alabama State Troopers needed to improve safety on Alabama highways. While Kay Ivey signed the "Road Rage" bill in 2019, she has done nothing to promote the other side of the equation. Alabama deserves to have safer highways for the children of our state.

Lastly, Alabamians should never forget how our Governor reacted during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. She stood side by side with the CDC and their woke non-sense that put "equity" above certain high risk groups that did not meet the equity criteria. That was disgraceful and put Alabamian's lives at risk. And lets not forget, in 2020, Kay Ivey decided which Alabama businesses were "essential" and which were not. In effect, Kay Ivey determined which Alabamian workers were "essential" and which were not.

In 2018, the voters in the state of Alabama blew a great opportunity to elect someone who could have moved the state forward in a positive way. If has been around, it would have endorsed Huntsville's Mayor Tommy Battle. Kay Ivey refused to debate Mayor Battle and the other candidates. It should be obvious now that she had something to hide. It's time to give someone else an opportunity to move our state forward ... you decide.

AFP Endorsement for Governor: Anybody other than Kay Ivey

THE U.S. SENATE RACE This one is hard. At least Roy Moore is not in the race. Tommy Tuberville's U.S. Senate votes have closely aligned with the desires of the majority of Alabamians. That is what a representative "Of The People" is supposed to do. They are not there to represent themselves or special interest groups. The state needs this type of representation with it's other Senator.

Both Mike Durant and Mo Brooks have their issues. Those have been widely publicized. Mike Durant valiantly served his country in the military. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Mo Brooks has voted on legislation that has closely aligned with the wishes of the majority of Alabamians.

Katie Britt was the major player in pushing through a state gas tax that was not appropriately debated in the Alabama legislature. Governor Ivey and Katie Britt did not want your input. That is the way the elite establishment thinks. Now Katie Britt has signed a no new tax pledge. Are we supposed to believe her words, or her actions?

Mike Durant did not want to debate the other candidates. Why did Katie Britt also back out of debating Mo Brooks? Now that she leads in the polls will she refuse to do so in the runoff? Like Kay Ivey, is she afraid to debate the issues important for Alabamians? We will find out soon.

Will Alabama elect a former lobbyist? Are Alabamians going to complain about the elected officials in DC and then send a lobbyist there? Is that actually a possibility?

Don't be fooled by the ads and the smile. There is no evidence that Katie Britt is the person that she suggests in her advertisements. There is plenty of evidence she is not.

AFP Endorsement for U.S Senate: Anybody other than Katie Britt


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